Isabel Hundt 


Isabel is not your average gal. As a young girl living in Germany she had a dream of coming to the States. She was on a mission to share a very specific message to what she calls “empath entrepreneurs”. She faced a lot of uncertainty and obstacles. However she pushed through it all because as she says, “Every time I was close to giving up, I had this dream again. “.

Maybe you are facing something similar. Maybe you are on a mission and feel as though everything in the world is against you. I hope this episode encourages you to hold on to that still small voice inside of you and be the unconventional one.

Purchase Isabel’s AMAZING (it really is) book here The Power of Faith Driven Success


Questions that I ask:

  • How do you figure out what your calling is if you have no idea?
  • What do you want young leaders to know?

Isabel Hundt

Isabel Hundt

Certified Transformation Coach, Speaker, published Author of The Power of Faith-Driven Success

“My passion is to support young adults (and young-at-heart adults) create, live and transform their lives by understanding the scientific and spiritual connections between their heart and brain and by discovering their unique and magical gifts hidden within.”

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Purchase Isabel’s AMAZING book The Power of Faith Driven Success Here

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