Carter Harkins and Taylor Hill 

These guys do not run your average marketing company. Spark Marketing is helping blue collar business owners not only grow their businesses but restore pride in their work. I wanted to talk with them in this week’s episode because they are on a mission to break the stereotypes that one type of business or skill is more valuable than other.

What I love about their work is that they did not simply notice a problem, they are working to change it. Through their weekly podcast and their new book Blue Collar Proud these guys train and empower leaders to step up and use their voice.

Topics Discussed:

  • How to lead millennials in business
  • How to shift your mindset in a service business and take pride in your work
  • Skills gap vs. leadership gap
Carter Harkins and Taylor Hill

Carter Harkins and Taylor Hill

Blue Collar Pride Podcast

“Our passion is helping the local blue-collar service business owner be more successful. We want to be the premiere place for you to find information that helps you take it to the next level, no matter your current success.”

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Purchase their book Blue Collar Proud Here

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