Laura Gmeinder 

On today’s episode we talked with an unconventional woman who left the corporate world to pursue her passion. According to her website she could be referred to as a consultant, entrepreneur, workplace strategist, etc., but she prefers “Passion Igniter.”

Laura has now given her life to help other women step up into roles of leadership and live and work more authentically. In today’s episode she encourages us to step up and use our voice, follow our passion, and make a difference in this world.

In today’s episode she challenges us by asking questions like:

“Are you doing what you feel like you are here to do? What impact are you creating?”

“What would it look like if we all did 10% more?”

This episode will leave you with the question, “Am I doing what I was created to do?”. You can start today to live a life of purpose.


Questions I ask:

  • What are some concrete steps to help transition from a full time job to your own business?
  • How would you encourage an unconventional woman who wants to step into her purpose?
  • What would you say to the underdog? Where would they find the inner strength to live more purposeful?



Laura Gmeinder

Laura Gmeinder

Coach, Consultant, Speaker

“Laura began her career in the corporate environment, proudly representing one of America’s most trusted and recognizable brands for 14 years. During her tenure, she worked intimately with all levels of executive leadership and management, coaching and leading them to success. There Laura built high-trust relationships as a coach and trusted consultant, the foundation she created that ultimately resulted into a successful business.

Laura inspires her clients to discover and exploit their inner passion en route to greater teamwork and productivity. She thrives on the “WHY,” knowing that if people reflect and examine their inner self—individual and team goals, aspirations and ambitions—their true desires will be revealed. And it’s that very authenticity that leads to personal growth, achievement and success.”

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For a copy of her Goal Getter Blueprint, 7 pages of prompts to gain clarity and bring the action: Click here

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