Fear Hacking with Mike Szczesniak

I am excited to introduce to you Mike Szczesniak the host of the Learn Grow Earn podcast and founder of Fear Hacking Academy. Mike is a full time software engineer with a passion for building side businesses. His latest project is a 6-week course that teaches participates how to “hack fear”. In today’s episode Mike talks to us about how fear is an emotion and can be used as a tool.

What fear is holding you back?

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Questions I ask:

If you enjoy your job and make a good living, why the side hustle?
What is the impact that you want to have?
How do we leverage fear?
What is something you are afraid of?

Mike Szczesniak

Mike Szczesniak

Founder at Learn Grow Earn, Ltd.

Learn Grow Earn (LGE) started as a podcast, but the goal of this company isn’t just to produce top notch podcast content. It is to create a community filled with people who are constantly striving for greatness. A community that lifts each other up.
-Taken from: learngrowearn.com

Instagram: @MikeSzczesniak
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LearnGrowEarn


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