Self Care Q&A with Melissa McSherry

In this episode we take YOUR questions about self care and talk about how to stop feeling guilty, prioritize your own health, and return to “who you were all along”.

self care Q&A

A few questions asked:

  • At what point do you consume (as in entertainment or fun time) without the guilt or pressure from the things that need to get done on the to do list…?
  • Are there strategies that can be used ensure you make guilt-free time for self care?
  • How many times a day/week should you take for yourself? Should it be daily? Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly?

Melissa McSherry

Melissa McSherry

Hello, my name is Melissa McSherry. My passion is to educate and empower female entrepreneurs to be better than before. My focus is to support you as you develop your vision, your value, and your voice, not only within your business but also within your daily life. As well as, ensure that you are prioritizing yourself correctly, managing your time efficiently, give you the courage to overcome obstacles, clarity on your goals, and create with you a concrete plan of action to success. I provide this through my online mastermind courses, one on one coaching sessions, and group workshops