Creativity with Stefano Di Lollo

In this episode we continue our talk with the founder of  Creative-U and JungleTie,  Stefano Di Lollo as he answers your questions on the topic of creativity. He encourages us that “it’s not the tool that controls the creativity” and that experiencing fear is normal in creative work. He also talks about  the “creative depression” that a lot of creatives face and how to overcome it. I encourage you to check out Stefano’s amazing work and join his Facebook community.

If you missed it you can check out his full interview (Here)


Creativity Q&A Quote

Questions asked by you:

What can I do when I don’t have a creative team?
How can I balance being creative for fun and being creative for work?
What are the benefits of creativity?

Stefano Di Lollo

Stefano Di Lollo

Founder of Creative U and JungleTie

“For over two decades Stefano has designed hundreds of products as a professional industrial product designer, while working for product design firms, leading design teams within corporations, and as a freelance designer. He has illustrated professionally for publishing and media companies including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. As the former Creative Director of the Montreal chapter of Creative Mornings, Stefano has built strong connections with local and international creative communities. He has also been selected by international clients for creative projects such as designing unconventional painted artwork for aircraft buyers seeking to customize their private business jets. He also teaches college students how to reach their full creative potential at one of Quebec’s largest colleges. He has helped clients redefine their personal brand including decorated Olympic athletes looking to transform and redirect their post athletic careers.” -Taken from His latest projects are Creative U and JungleTie.  You can also follow him on Instagram (here) and his join his private Facebook group Creative-U’s DNA

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