Evolve with Andre Young

Have you ever asked yourself, “Is there more to life than this?”. That’s what happened to this week’s guest Andre Young while he was mowing his lawn. He was in graduate school to become a therapist and something stopped him in his tracks. He knew that he wanted to evolve. He wanted to become a better man and contribute significantly to the lives of others. What he did moving forward is what this episode is about. Andre shares about his organization “You Evolving Now” and gives us insight on how we can transform as individuals and evolve in our relationships.

In this episode Andre talks about the importance of finding joy in what you do, how being “busy” sometimes keeps us from being better, and why he believes there is power in the “gift of applause”.

Are you ready for more?

Questions I ask:

How have you personally evolved through this process?

Where did you “start” when you decided it was time for a change?

What would you tell someone who was wanting more, but afraid to pursue it?


Andre Young

Andre Young

Founder of You Evolving Now

“My mission is to provide men, women, students, and employees a way to EVOLVE and live the life of their dreams; becoming more inspired individuals, partners, parents, and professionals. Guy’s Night Out and Lady’s Night Out may provide relief, but may not inspire evolution and self improvement. EVOLVE and best your life with our personal growth site, employee life-enrichment program, college division, and our main club in Berks County!” – Taken from YouEvolvingNow.com


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