EP. 044 The Power of Routine with Bryan Parady

In this week’s episode, I introduce to you my husband, Bryan Parady. Outside of dealing with his crazy wife and her million crazy ideas, Bryan has been working hard for several years on his fitness.

When I first met him he weighed around 130 pounds. Since then he has put on over thirty pounds of lean muscle (naturally). I am always talking to him about how he stays focused and so disciplined. It always comes down to one thing, establishing the right habits.

I wanted to talk to Bryan on the podcast, first because I want to introduce you guys to him, but second, his message is a powerful one. Whether your goals are fitness related or not, setting the right disciplines and routines in motion are critical to your success.

It’s the unsexy, boring side of goal setting that we don’t talk about enough. It’s showing up every day and doing the small unnoticeable things on a consistent basis. I have watched my husband do it over the last several years, and I hope his story will encourage you to discover the power of routine.

The Power of Routine.

Bryan Parady

Bryan Parady

Personal Trainer/ Owner of Bones to Bulk

Bryan is a personal trainer, the author of Bones to Bulk the guide, and the owner of the Bones to Bulk training program. You can check out his website here or join his private Facebook group.


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