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The Mastermind was an answer to prayer! I’d heard how valuable masterminds are but didn’t know how to find one that was actually valuable without being pricey. The way it’s set up is great for busy people who see the importance of consistently having someone to share ideas. This group really encouraged me to keep going when so much effort seemed wasted. Even when things were good, they gave me a place to share the little victories that were a big deal to me when family and friends wouldn’t understand. It was also great to see that some things I’d learned could be helpful for them, too, and that I was able to learn from them about other stuff faster than I would have been able to on my own.

Megan Starbuck

Owner, Living Tiny, Dreaming Big

 What is a Mastermind?

Have you ever started or had an idea for “something” (like a business, organization, a blog, or a book) and struggled to follow through or finish it? Yup. I’ve been guilty.

The purpose of this group is to create a place for entrepreneurs, creatives, and leaders to provide honest feedback and support for one another in each other’s pursuits. You can check out the “7 Reasons” why Forbes Magazine says that you should join one ( Here).

Heather’s mastermind group has plugged me in with other entrepreneurs who ask important questions and don’t just say “great job!” Most people in my life are supportive, which I appreciate, but having others who are entrepreneur minded ask important questions to get you to think about your approach really opens up a whole new world for creativity and innovation.

Heather Timmons

Fitness Coach, Fit & Fabulous With Heather

Is this group for you?

This group is NOT for just anyone.
It’s important to be READY to move towards your goals and willing to take action.

Ask yourself these questions..

Do I need to make progress on a goal?
Do I want accountability?
Am I needing help with time management and prioritizing?
Am I willing to invest in others and in return have them invest in me?
Am I ready to buckle down and be serious about taking steps towards my goals?

Our MasterMind Group has provided a huge jump start to our business. Not only have we gleaned from other’s experience, we have finished our second book. The accountability is a must have for success. If you are looking for ways to improve your business, then we highly recommend you join a group today.

Susan Milligan and Shea Wood

Authors and Speakers, Lock and Key Ministries

Mastermind is the perfect way to get insight and accountability for any goals you have. Whether it’s a business endeavor or just a life goal you will get the motivation and encouragement you need. Any entrepreneur should be plugged in to a mastermind if they want to be successful.

Nick Spindler

Director of Student Enrichment at Community of Hope Ministries ,

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“Mastermind groups are a great way to connect with fellow bloggers and entrepreneurs and expand your idea of what those titles actually mean. I’ve appreciated the encouragement I’ve received in my Mastermind group to keep blogging, even when it felt like I was going nowhere. Connecting with ‘my people’ through Mastermind groups has helped me stay on track with my goals for my business. And I’ve made great friends too!”
Sarah Gilliland

Sarah in the Suburbs

Mastermind helps me stay motivated and focused when I have off days. It also helps me think outside the box and stretches my creative ideas to a different level.

Elaine Peterson

Writer, The Prodical Daughter

My Mastermind group chat has kept me accountable. I’ve gleaned useful tips from my “mastermind homies” as I call them, and I’ve lent helpful tips as well. Small groups are key and this is what we utilize. A perfect circle of shared information to help make us more successful.

Keri Owens

President & Creative Director, Values First

Mastermind groups are as essential to your goals as writing them out. It’s like having multiple extra eyes making sure that everything that needs attention gets attention.

Cody Johnston

Writer and Photographer, Cody Johnston

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