Shelly Drymon 

It’s an honor to get to talk this week with Shelly Drymon. Shelly is not your typical woman. At the age of 54, Shelly says that it is her mission to help women over the age of 50 create the life that they love.

I asked her to be a guest on the podcast, not because we necessarily have a huge following of 50 year old women (hey, if we did that would be awesome) but because I love what Shelly represents in the world.

Shelly reminds us that its not about age, its not about what makes sense, or what seems “conventional”. As she says in the podcast, we have to be mission driven. Whether that’s building an empire or “having the best roses on the block” be authentic to who you are and don’t allow anyone to detour you from that. I know you will enjoy this week’s episode.

Shelly will encourage you to, as she says,  “just do it”.


Questions I ask:

  • Why do you believe in being “mission driven” over “purpose driven”?
  • Have you faced any internal fears or doubts in your mission?
  • What gives you hope?
  • What would you tell someone who wanted to pursue their life’s mission but felt unqualified?
Shelly Drymon

Shelly Drymon


Shelly is a writer and blogger at

She says that her mission is to work with women over the age of 5o and help them create the life that they love. She has worked with nonprofits for the last 25 years and currently works as the Director of Development and Marketing at The Victim Center in Missouri.

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