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Community for NFT Projects (Ty Greenfield)

leadership tech Feb 27, 2023
Community for NFT Projects (Ty Greenfield)

"It takes a community to make it in Web3."

Our guest this week, Ty Greenfield (The Mayor) is one of the best community builders that I personally know. I met him when I was hosting the NFT for Newbies podcast. He came on our show then and did a wonderful job talking about building community for a project called Based Fish Mafia.

Ty is one of those people that if his name gets brought up people go, “Oh! What a great guy!” and there is a reason for it. The same reason people like him is the same reason he is great at building community, he focuses on each individual person in front of him and will spend his TIME helping them, no strings attached.

I think it would be easy with a show on building community to forget the most practical (and best) tip of all, truly care about people. If you are in the NFT space and don’t know “The Major” it's an honor to get to introduce him to you. Enjoy his insights today, and take to heart his advice that, ‘It's always community first.’


  • Why are founders are leaning into Community over traditional marketing tactics

  • Why IRL events are HUGE for NFT projects

  • The role of education in building community

  • Is there a value of community outside of its monetary gain in NFT projects?

  • Small things you can do to build your project's community

  • The role of PATIENCE in building community 



Ty is currently the host of NFT & Chill Podcast, a Web3 Consultant, and a  Contributor at



It’s always community first.@MaverickMedia15 @HeatherParady #Web3 #CommunityBuilding #CommunityManager CLICK TO TWEET

It takes a community to make it in Web3. @MaverickMedia15 @HeatherParady #Web3 #CommunityBuilding #CommunityManager CLICK TO TWEET

The web3 space has become really personal. @MaverickMedia15 @HeatherParady #Web3 #CommunityBuilding #CommunityManager CLICK TO TWEET

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