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Community in Membership Sites (Andrea Ehrhardt)

entrepreneurship leadership Feb 27, 2023
Community in Membership Sites (Andrea Ehrhardt)

"Your customer will come to you if you have a unique style."

Our guest this week, Andrea Ehrhardt is a brilliant muralist, NFTartist, and community builder for other creatives who want to make a full-time living doing what they love. 

I met her on my first Web3 show, NFTs for Newbies, and fell in love with her energy and unapologetic style of sharing her art with the world and helping other creatives understand the BUSINESS side of their art.

Today we dig into the REALITY that building communities are a long game but there are small things that you can do to keep the value of your group high, the community members more engaged, and fun ways to use NFTs as a part of your business plan.

Andrea is super cool, very knowledgeable, and crazy talented. Make sure you connect with her at the links below and check out her work!


  • Different ways to approach marketing your membership

  • Finding leaders in your community and giving them a voice

  • Using NFTs to give access to your membership site

  • Using challenges to build community


Andrea is a muralist who just happens to specialize in logos and interactive art. Her signature art is world-famous: butterfly wings with locations in countries like New Zealand, Thailand, South Africa, and beyond.



You attract who you are. @ArtbyAndreae @HeatherParady #Web3 #CommunityBuilding CLICK TO TWEET

Your customer will come to you if you have a unique style. @ArtbyAndreae @HeatherParady #Web3 #CommunityBuilding CLICK TO TWEET 

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