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Heart-Centered Communities (Ryan Hartley)

health leadership mindset Feb 27, 2023
Heart-Centered Communities (Ryan Hartley)

"Leadership isn't just for the good times it's often revealed in the bad times."

Our guest this week, Ryan Hartley, is the community leader and Chief Heart Officer for Always Better than Yesterday which “exists to help develop heart-centered leaders, teams, organizations and communities.” On a personal note, he is a good friend and one of the first people I thought of when I created this show.

Why? Well, you will hear from today’s conversation that Ryan’s approach to building community is a bit, what should we say..? Unconventional.

If you feel overwhelmed with all the ‘tactics” to grow your community, and feel like there are a hundred things that you “should” be doing, this episode is for you. Ryan’s approach to building community is ALL about leading with the heart, and if you heard how his community talks about him, you will know that his method works.

Today's conversation is all about true connection, bettering our communication with our communities, and stretching our mindset of what “leading with love” actually looks like.


  • How show that you ‘genuinely care” about people in a digital landscape

  • How to communicate your values in your community

  • Creating a framework to better serve your community

  • Why he doesn’t have “rules” in his community


Ryan was a student of all things psychology and making great progress in his career with the Police. While he was on a leadership development programme, he realised that his greatest leadership role was in fact in the home. He realised that leadership wasn't a rank, position or a title. It was in fact the act of loving, serving and caring for other people and leaving them better. Amazing what revelations come during a 3am night feed! Since that realisation over a decade ago, Ryan has devoted himself to nurturing and developing the leadership capability within people.



The greatest gift I gave myself was positioning myself as a student. @RyanBHartley @HeatherParady #Web3 #CommunityBuilding CLICK TO TWEET

Leadership isn't just for the good times it's often reveled in the bad times. @RyanBHartley @HeatherParady #Web3 #CommunityBuilding CLICK TO TWEET

Psychological safety is a byproduct of unconditional love. @RyanBHartley @HeatherParady #Web3 #CommunityBuilding CLICK TO TWEET

Values are not a product of intellect- they are a product of our heart set. @RyanBHartley @HeatherParady #Web3 #CommunityBuilding CLICK TO TWEET

We are often told that vision unities, I think vision divides. @RyanBHartley @HeatherParady #Web3 #CommunityBuilding CLICK TO TWEET

Give yourself the gift to allow your community to be an expression of what you care about instead of an expression of who you are. @RyanBHartley @HeatherParady #Web3 #CommunityBuilding CLICK TO TWEET

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