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Dark Art and Loyal Communities (Shawn Coss)

creativity leadership Feb 27, 2023
Dark Art and Loyal Communities (Shawn Coss)

Our guest this week, Shawn Coss, is the co-owner and artist behind the massively successful brand, Any Means Necessary. He and his partner Mikey have built a HUGE following and loyal community around “dark art” and mental health.

I met Shawn a few weeks before this recording. He was super humble and you would have never known just by talking to him that they had built a multi-million dollar brand in a SUPER difficult industry. But the coolest thing about our conversation, and what caught my attention, was how he talked about his community.

In today’s episode, Shawn shares how he was able to connect his art with the right audience, be vulnerable about his own story and experience with mental health, and how he is able to focus on his art while still fostering community.

Shawn is super cool and down-to-earth. Grateful I randomly met him at a conference and got to introduce him to our community of builders. 


  • Advice for artists who want to build a community around their work

  • Balancing marketing & community building while still focusing on your art

  • Being vulnerable with your community and creating an open culture



Shawn is an artist, and co-owner/artist of art-based clothing brand Any Means Necessary. He's also an advocate for mental health and the former artist for Cyanide and Happiness.


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