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Network Like a BOSS (Andy Storch)

entrepreneurship leadership Feb 27, 2023
Network Like a BOSS (Andy Storch)

"Nothing has been more impactful in my career than building relationships."

Our guest this week, Andy Storch, is literally a super-connector. No really, he is phenomenal at connecting with people and building relationships. What does this have to do with community building? Um, everything.

Andy will admit that he has a personality that makes relationship building and networking fairly easy BUT trust him when he says that was not always the case This skill set was something that he had to develop.

Today we took several listener questions about building authentic connections with lots of people, developing the skill of remembering names, and Andy's thoughts on WHY community building is “the thing” in Web 3.

Andy is a great friend and one of my favorite people as of late. Excited to introduce you to him and I am confident this conversation will help you in your community-building journey.


  • Why are businesses shifting into Community Building in Web3?

  • Paid communities vs. free

  • How to balance building relationships, work, taking care of yourself, etc.

  • How to remember people's names


Andy has a book called "Own Your Career Own Your Life", hosts three podcasts, and shares content daily on LinkedIn.  He is interested in and post about talent development, career development, leadership, culture, personal development, Web 3 (blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFTs), as well as general life and business. 



Nothing has been more impactful in my career than building relationships. @AndyStorch @HeatherParady #Web3 #CommunityBuilding CLICK TO TWEET

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