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Creator Coins vs. NFTs (Joseph Jaffe)

tech Feb 27, 2023
Creator Coins vs. NFTs  (Joseph Jaffe)

"You can’t buy loyalty. You cannot buy community."

What are “creator coins”? How are they different from NFTs? And which one should you be using as a creator? Today we are talking about all things utility and how to better connect with your community in Web3.

Our guest this week, Joseph Jaffe, is a five-time author, talk show host and founder of the Alpha Collective. On a personal note, a super cool dude. He runs a show called Joseph Jaffee is not famous (which is hilarious) and is doing some innovative things for his community using “creator coins.”

Even if “NFTs' ' and “Creator coins” seem overwhelming and foreign to you I encourage you to lean in and listen to what Joseph has to share because it will open your mind to all the creative ways to bring value to your community.

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  • What are creator coins?

  • What utility do creator coins provide

  • What should creators consider when deciding between a creator coin vs an NFT?


Joseph Jaffe is an author and entrepreneur.  As a consultant and thought leader in the marketing and innovation space, he has worked with countless fortune 500 companies, as well as startups. As a speaker, Joseph delivers a brilliant, high impact message with innovative and practical advice for movement towards growth.



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You can’t buy loyalty. You cannot buy community. @JaffeJuice @HeatherParady #Web3 #CommunityBuilding  CLICK TO TWEET

How do you scale humanity? One person at a time. @JaffeJuice @HeatherParady #Web3 #CommunityBuilding CLICK TO TWEET

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