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Self Acceptance (Joél Casanova)

mental health mindset Feb 27, 2023
Self Acceptance (Joél Casanova)

"You are so much more than just your thoughts."

It always comes back down to us doesn't it? When we look at most external issues and dig deep enough we see that the solution is often found within. Building communities, getting better at our craft, feeling more confident in our presentations (the list goes on) is an invitation to address something internal.

Sucks. But y'all know it's the truth.

Our guest this week, Joél Casanova is a dance instructor and founder of Beathunter where he helps people reconnect with themselves through dance and tap into a fully expressed version of themselves. I met him in the lobby of a hotel in Kentucky. We will tell that story.

In this conversation we discuss stretching our comfort zones, loving our unfiltered selves, and giving our gifts over to a higher Being.


  • How to be more confident by reconnecting to YOUR BODY

  • Turning a cold room into a connected community

  • How conviction is the key for connection

  • Getting over how you LOOK and feeling secure with you


Joél Casanova was born in Chicago, IL and raised in Dallas, TX. He started dancing HipHop at age 11 and for the next 5 years danced on competition teams. By the age of 16, he was choreographing professionally. Joél moved to Virginia Beach at age 18, where he taught in multiple studios across Hampton Roads while pursuing a BA in Journalism. He created BeatHunter Dance at age 20. Since then, his career as an instructor has grown including teaching STEM through dance, freelance competition choreography, dance intensives, and theatre camps. Joél Casanova has a deep passion for instruction and showing everyone he meets a new way to look at dance.



You are so much more than just your thoughts. @Dancingmisfit @HeatherParady CLICK TO TWEET

The people who are responding to each other is the evidence you are building community. @Dancingmisfit @HeatherParady CLICK TO TWEET

We underestimate how much people have to give. @Dancingmisfit @HeatherParady CLICK TO TWEET

I'm trying to build something that outlives me. The only way that is going to happen is through people. @Dancingmisfit @HeatherParady  CLICK TO TWEET


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