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Aligned Values & Creative Business (Mark Pasternack)

entrepreneurship mental health Feb 27, 2023
Aligned Values & Creative Business (Mark Pasternack)

"You can be a leader wherever you are at."

As creatives, we want to be successful, right? But that word can feel like a never-ending pursuit. When you get a little further along in your life, maybe with a family and “grown-up responsibilities” it can be difficult trying to figure out how to strike a balance between your work, your family, and this never-ending pursuit of “success”.

Today I sat down with my friend Mark Pasternack, a filmmaker, who is passionate about building financially sustainable businesses and helping families work well together. We discussed setting goals that are aligned with the lifestyle you want, making space to be a HUMAN (we have to be reminded about that sometimes don't we?), and how to find a community of like-hearted people who will better you every step of the way. Hope this conversation encourages you that there is no one path to success. We define it. We are creators, aren’t we?


  • Building a creative business that doesn’t run you.

  • Systems and processes to balance work and family

  • Challenging what we are told “success” means


Mark believes in humanizing brands by telling purposeful stories of passionate people. For him, storytelling has always been about the people. Over the past decade, he has worked with hundreds of brands from fortune 500's to small businesses to tell the stories of their people with the result of increased awareness, engagement, and communication.

His work currently consists of consulting with brands and educating other filmmakers through my latest venture, The Video Community.



“There is a start-up cost to everything new we do.” #MarkPasternack @HeatherParady #CreativeBusiness

Our time is the most valuable thing we cannot get back. #MarkPasternack @HeatherParady #CreativeBusiness CLICK TO TWEET

Nothing happens overnight, but where you put your energy things start to flow. The more you can look ahead in your life, not just stay in the daily struggle, the more you are going to realize the dreams you set out to do. #MarkPasternack @HeatherParady #CreativeBusiness CLICK TO TWEET


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