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Human Design & Creative Business (Erin Claire Jones)

content creation creativity mental health spirituality Feb 27, 2023
Human Design & Creative Business (Erin Claire Jones)

"We are all meant to do things differently."

We are REVISITING Human Design today with the amazing Erin Claire Jones who is going to share with us what our “energetic blueprint” can tell us about the way we move in this world, our creativity and flow, and even how we can best work and eat!

Out of all the self-discovery assessments there is SOMETHING about Human Design that is gaining massive popularity. Why? After listening to this conversation you will understand how this information can dig into the unique parts of yourself and help you feel more free and alive. As Erin so beautifully says, “You will likely find the most alignment, flow, and success in your life the moment you accept your uniqueness.”


  • Understanding our “energetic blueprint”

  • Operating and OWNING your uniqueness

  • Shadow and wisdom sides of our “types”

  • What human design can teach us about our eating habits and fitness


I am a leadership coach, specializing in Human Design.

I use Human Design to help thousands of individuals and companies step into their work and their lives as their truest selves and to their highest potential. My work as a guide, coach, and speaker has attracted a growing community of over 60,000 people who turn to my teachings for practical tools, digestible tips, and deeper self-knowledge they can access to live with greater ease and authenticity every single day.

With work featured in Forbes, mindbodygreen, Well&Good, and Nylon; words shared on over 80 podcasts such as Almost30, That’s So Retrograde, Highest Self, and Chatty Broads; and conversations with crowds of hundreds around the world, my insights are highly sought-after because they make Human Design pragmatic, tangible, accessible — and immediately applicable to everyday life.

Human Design is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science that sheds light on a person’s energetic makeup, as well as specific tools they can use to live at their happiest, healthiest, highest potential. It doesn’t change who they are; it teaches them who they are. It offers insight into what’s possible, and highlights the significance of understanding and living as the fullest expression of themselves.

By putting this tool to work in my own life, my intention is to show the world a new way of work, a new path toward success, and a new perspective on living as you truly are



We are all meant to do things differently. @ErinClaireJones @HeatherParady #CommunityBuilding #CreatorCommunity CLICK TO TWEET

You will likely find the most alignment, flow, and success in your life the moment you accept your uniqueness. @ErinClaireJones @HeatherParady #CommunityBuilding #CreatorCommunity CLICK TO TWEET

We find flow by being ourselves. @ErinClaireJones @HeatherParady #CommunityBuilding #CreatorCommunity CLICK TO TWEET


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