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Building MOMENTUM as a Performer (Joseph Pearlman)

content creation creativity mindset spirituality Feb 27, 2023
Building MOMENTUM as a Performer (Joseph Pearlman)

"Don't wait until the results of your success to feel happy, empowered, and confident."

Do you ever notice how some people just seem to have opportunities DRAWN to them? However, building momentum in your creative career may be easier than it sounds. Our guest this week is a returning guest, celebrity acting coach, Joseph Pearlman. When I asked him about how to build momentum on stage (and heck, in life) he advised that “You can't effort your way through it.”

If you are a storyteller, and performer, and want to make a living making things- you will love Joseph’s passion to help creatives find the “connection to something other” and live life “emotionally lit up”.


  • Making “dangerous choices” to improve performance

  • Honoring your personality and bringing “your flavor” to the stage

  • Dealing with criticism and standing up for yourself


Joseph Pearlman is a celebrity acting coach and owner of Pearlman Acting Academy (PAA). Voted “Best Acting Studio & Coach” in L.A., Joseph helps actors launch their careers faster, guarantee audition wins, win series leads before they go to casting, and reach award level performances on set. PAA offers the most advanced next-level scene study and on-camera audition technique training in the industry for celebrity actors to beginners. From Hollywood via Zoom to anywhere in the world. 

Joseph collaborates with Amazon Studios weekly to help bring their film and TV performances to award-level. Joseph also coaches presenters for all the major award ceremonies, including the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, Golden Globes, and Independent Spirit Awards.

Some of Joseph's clients include: Amazon Studios, Ridley Scott's Scott Free Productions, Amy Adams, Zooey Deschanel, HBO, AMC, TED Talks, Iliza Shlesinger (NETFLIX, comedian), Sian Clifford (Emmy nominated for Fleabag), Eugene Simon (Game of Thrones), Julian Sands, Alex MacNicoll (Transparent), Skylar Grey (5-time Grammy nominee), Sherri Shepherd (30 Rock), and many others.



“When you are really lit up with something meaningful-you can live off the interest of it- it's self-sustaining.”@JosephPearlman @HeatherParady CLICK TO TWEET

“The universe doesn’t hear what we say, it hears what we mean”.- Dan LeFave @JosephPearlman @HeatherParady CLICK TO TWEET

“The difference between good and great– is this little bit extra.” @JosephPearlman @HeatherParady CLICK TO TWEET

“Don't wait until the results of your success to feel happy, empowered, and confident.” @JosephPearlman @HeatherParady CLICK TO TWEET

“There is beauty and power in forgetting and letting go.” @JosephPearlman @HeatherParady CLICK TO TWEET


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