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Should You Rebrand or Start Over?

content creation entrepreneurship Feb 27, 2023
Should You Rebrand or Start Over?

In most cases like this, there is no real right or wrong answer. Everyone has an opinion- but they are not the ones who have to sit with the choice.

The analogy I used in the podcast (you did listen to it, right?) was…What would you do if someone told you who you should marry? They might have some good wisdom to share- but they aren’t the ones crawling into bed FOREVER with that person are they?

Whether you rebrand, start a new project, cut your hair, sign up for a class, title your book something weird, whatever…you are the one who sits with it, you are the one who has to do the work, you are the one who crawls into bed with that decision everynight.

What do you want to do? What sounds the most interesting? Fun? Makes you feel a little more giddy? Yeah, that’s simple—but its fair. 

When there is no right or wrong—it's okay to ask yourself—what do I want to do?

What do you think? Hit reply;) Or, if you want to ask a question about your own creative-wild-world, you can always drop me one here- I might use it in a show.


Behind the photo on IG this week:

New Reel:

The stuff behind the pic: Been watching this guy named Conner Price’s content and I LOVE it. There are so many things he does in his sketch comedy that are brilliant. I wanted to try a couple of his techniques- this took forever.

What I learned/took away: Several things. I was thinking about making a blog about a lot of the short-formed comedy stuff I've been learning/playing with– but have NO idea if anyone is interested. Do you want to learn more about that? Should I make a list of tactical things I'm learning? No, making funny videos isn’t just goofing off…okay maybe a little.

You look great today- just thought I’d let ya know;)



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