Keeping your community engaged

fidget friday newletter Jun 30, 2022
Fidget Friday


Hands DOWN this is the number one complaint I hear from community builders, “I don’t know how to keep my community engaged.

Ever get stuck in a creation loop? 

I know I do. I LOVE LOVE making things. I make podcasts, write letters to you here, make silly reels….shoot. If I could just do that all day (it might shock you that I don’t) I would!

But making things is just part of the equation, without a community that gives a crap, we are speaking to an empty room.

And consumption is just part of it too. Someone might read your magazine but how do you get them to talk to you? Tell you what they really want? Take ownership and play a PART in co-creating something with you?

I want to challenge you today with a couple of things:

  1. Instead of getting frustrated and even overwhelmed with the question on engagement, start looking at this as a creative opportunity. Ask yourself, “What is a creative way to get my people engaged?” Ask yourself “What would be fun here?” You would be surprised how sometimes the FUN answer is the right one.
  2. Don’t think about how you can get everyone engaged, ask yourself how you can get one engaged. The next week think about two people engaged, and build from there. Community building is an intimate game.

We will be talking more about engagement the month of July in our Discord and Facebook group. I know you are probably already there, but if you haven’t said anything in awhile, jump back in. We WANT to help your community.

That’s it for now- you are doing meaningful work, lean in.


PS. Struggle with Discord? We have a Discord for Newbies workshop here
PPS. What are Creator Coins? After listening to this episode you will feel like a pro