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Higher Level Content Creation (Darlenne Helena)

content creation creativity mindset Feb 27, 2023
Higher Level Content Creation (Darlenne Helena)

"In order to change your self-concept, you have to be violently honest with yourself."

We are fed the same message about content creation over and over. Be consistent, use a hook in your videos, post at this time of day. Yada yada.

What moves the needle are not these tactics alone. The reason people to hit subscribe, comment below, or tell a friend about your work is the heart, conviction, and SOUL you bring to your work. That’s the scary part, right?

I connected with Darlenne Helena, CEO of Helena Media, content creator with over a quarter million followers online, and someone I would say has some fire in her bones. In this conversation you will hear how to tap into your VOICE through your content and make a true difference in your work.


  • Humanizing your content and not limiting yourself to one topic

  • What is “fast food” style content?

  • Why creators need to “Address the elephant in the room”

  • Why hooks in your videos aren’t enough 

  • How to tap into higher level content BEYOND tactical stuff


  • Look at your life through the lens of someone else. There is something you do, whether it is your craft, job, or life experience that will be interesting to someone else. Trust that and lean into it.

  • If you don’t feel like you have “value” to add in your content, lean into your opinions. Leverage your point of view. THAT is valuable. Look at your industry and ask yourself “What are people skirting around?”

  • If you feel stuck in your content ask yourself, “Am I telling the full truth? Am I telling the full story?”. Another great question is “Who do I want to be in the world?” Sometimes we are not seeing the results we want to see because we are afraid of being too vulnerable.


As a seasoned digital marketing professional with a passion for helping brands create meaningful connections with her audience, Darlenne has built a career at the intersection of marketing, technology, and social media. With experience representing the United States at international marketing and communications events, as well as managing the digital presence of a wide range of organizations, Darlenne brings a unique and diverse perspective to her work.

In addition to serving as the CEO of Helena Media, a digital marketing agency that helps brands build lasting relationships through social media campaigns, Darlenne is also an accomplished TikTok content creator with over 260,000 combined followers. As a certified lead trainer and public speaker, Darlenne has traveled to 27 events in the past year to educate business owners on how to effectively use social media to grow their businesses.

With a goal of empowering great thinkers to share their ideas and inspire others, Darlenne is dedicated to helping brands and individuals claim their platform and make an impact. If you're looking to create engaging social media content or learn how to effectively use social media to grow your business, Darlenne and her team at Helena Media are here to help.



“In order to change your self-concept, you have to be violently honest with yourself.” #DarlenneHelena @HeatherParady CLICK TO TWEET

“Most people tell you to be consistent and don't teach you how. You're not supposed to be consistent with the same thing. You're suppose to be consistently trying new things. That's the other half of the sentence that no one brings up.” #DarlenneHelena @HeatherParady CLICK TO TWEET

“We have to stop being married to our work. Not every idea is going to do well. In fact, it's probably going to take a hundred L’s to get to the idea that actually takes off.” #Darlenne Helena @HeatherParady CLICK TO TWEET

“Personal growth is business growth. You cannot grow as a business if you don't grow as a person.” #DarlenneHelena @HeatherParady CLICK TO TWEET


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