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Neuroplasticity and Creativity (Julie Hoeflinger)

creativity Mar 06, 2023
Neuroplasticity and Creativity (Julie Hoeflinger)

"People don't realize how powerful their beliefs about themselves are."

Ever been jealous of a super “creative” person? Maybe you feel like you are “kinda” creative but wish you could come up with awesome ideas as good as (fill in the blank person).

I have some good news for you. Research is showing that our brains are wayyyy more malleable than what was previously thought. And guess what? Creativity is something you can develop, no matter how old you are.

I ran across a content creator on TikTok who is in London getting her masters in Science Communication. Her name is Julie Hoeflinger and she brilliantly shares content about the latest research in neuroscience- but in a way that is easy to understand. I saw a series she did on creativity and just had to have her on to explain scientifically why creativity is not an innate gift, but a skill that can be developed through practice and reinforced by our brain's neuroplasticity (don’t worry we will explain that too).


  • Daily habits that will increase your creativity

  • What research has found to be the biggest predictor of creative potential

  • As society is our creativity fading?

  • Why in the world, don’t we take more advantage of what our brain can do?


  • Creativity is something you develop. You can become more creative by practicing it in a variety of ways but here are two:

    • Research has found that the biggest predictor of creative potential was openness to new experiences. Force yourself to do things differently every day, try new things, especially things that are out of your comfort zone,

    • There is a correlation there between output and creativity. The more you put out into the world the more creative you will become.
  • Beliefs about oneself can influence creativity. Our thoughts have power in the real world and can trigger biological responses.


Julie is a science and creative nonfiction writer based in Toledo, Ohio. She studied neuroscience and creative writing at the Ohio State University and will begin her Masters in Science Communication this upcoming fall. She has been a reviewer for the Journal at OSU and assisted with the Charles B. Wheeler Prize.



People don't realize how powerful their beliefs about themselves are.” - Julie Hoeflinger CLICK TO TWEET

Your thoughts hold so much power in the real world, not just in your head. - Julie Hoeflinger


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