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Mental Wellbeing & Running Craft Studio (Kitiya Palaskas)

creativity entrepreneurship mental health Mar 08, 2023
Mental Wellbeing & Running Craft Studio (Kitiya Palaskas)

"Life is so short- we should be exploring all the passions that we have."

If you have ever wondered what it feels like to run a full-time creative business while following your dreams and passions, you are about to find out. Instead of spending 30 minutes talking about all the perks of being your own creative boss (which trust me, there are many) instead you are going to hear a super honest conversation about mental well-being.

I connected with Kitiya Palaskas, a Craft-Based Designer in Australia whose studio for over 13 years has been (among many things) crafting for global brands like Lego, Adidas, Disney, etc.

Kit is one of the most down-to-earth and honest people I have talked to in my years of podcasting, and I'm so grateful that with every question I had in regards to marketing, niching down, or the realities of running a successful creative studio, she always brought the conversation back to mental health. Enjoy.


  • Why specializing might not be right for everyone

  • Getting your first few gigs (and networking the right way)

  • Being strategic with your energy when you are balancing multiple things

  • Creative wellbeing and putting your mental health first always


  • Taking care of your wellbeing EFFECTS your business. Period.

    Specializing might not be right for you- thats okay

  • Relationships take time. Sometimes years. This is a patience game

  • Did I mention to put your mental health first?


Kitiya is a multi-disciplinary designer with over 12 years experience crafting for global brands. She is the founder of Kitiya Palaskas Studio and the author of Piñata Party, a DIY craft book. As a handmade expert, she is renowned for her bold, playful designs and colourful style, and is passionate about skill-sharing, advocating for more open dialogue around wellbeing issues for creatives, and forever hyping handmade culture, especially in this digital world we now live in.



Life is so short- we should be exploring all the passions that we have. The thing we are taught it society to “specialize" is not right for everyone. @Kitiya CLICK TO TWEET



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