09-24-2021 A Simple Practice that Helped Me Level Up This Week

Quick thought!

The higher-level tasks aren’t always the most difficult-- they just require the most energy.

Example: This week I made a list of “higher level” tasks that I was avoiding (but I knew the higher level Heather would do). These tasks I KNOW were keeping me from the “next level”

Guess what?

I was extra motivated that day and I did half that list in like an hour. Again, they weren't difficult tasks (having a conversation, pulling the plug and hiring someone, etc) but ENERGETICALLY they demanded something from me.

The inner work is the work. Write down the few things you have been avoiding (ask yourself what that higher self would do) and ask yourself honestly what is keeping you from it. It probably isn’t difficult. It’s just about getting into a higher state energetically. 

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What’s a “fidget”? It’s the growth pains. Here I share three things that have been challenging this week and three things that have helped.

Crazy schedule and habits (non-negotiable list) 

Been doing a lot of traveling. Since my schedule has been out of wack I made a small list (5 things) of nonnegotiables for my day. No matter what every day I will spend “quiet time” (reading, journaling, etc), I will move my body in someday...you get the idea. Posting these somewhere and following your “nonnegotiables” helps when life is crazy but you want to stick to your habits. 

Being hard on yourself-

With that being said if you are like me and are hard on yourself with how little you feel like you get done during the day, a recent guest (therapist) suggested a “reverse to do list” at the end of your night. Write down everything you did and give yourself grace. Episode out next week on Happy Brain

In your corner, 

- Heather

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