10-01-2021 Unconventional Leaders Need This




This month in our group we will be talking about VISIBILITY. You have a message you are passionate about. You have work that you love. How do you get more eyeballs on your work and more ears listening to what you are saying?

There are tactical things to learn but of course, there is a spiritual and energetic element that is important to pay attention to (and be intentional with). There are so many people seeking out visibility in the WRONG way...and now more than ever we need GOOD leaders (like YOU!) who take back the online space and proudly promote their meaningful work.

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This was super vulnerable and a little awkward to share. But I hope it helps anyone who has ever had someone they love walk away. This is some of the stuff you deal with on the unconventional path. LISTEN HERE



What’s a “fidget”? It’s the growth pains. Here I share things that have been challenging this week and three things that have helped.

Ask people what they think (but make sure they are the right people)

Instead of guessing what your people want...ask them. Make sure it is the people you are targeting (don’t be asking Aunt Margaret what she thinks unless you are trying to sell to Aunt Margaret). But are you surveying and asking your people obsessively what they think? What do they like? What would they change about your product/content/whatever? I did a lot of asking/talking this week and learned a ton. Nothing I could have guessed unless I asked...When was the last time you asked your people, the questions you are wondering?


Stop trying to change the World.

This past weekend I was sitting out on a balcony with the hubs and he said “What do you want to focus on this year?” (It was my birthday so we were being extra) Without much thought, I said, “ I want to stop trying to change the world.” He thought that was a strange answer and I suppose it was. But a few days later Uncle Gary posted, “Everyone is trying to change the world, focus on changing yourself” 

(and that’s  I think what I meant. Changing yourself does change the world;)

In your corner, 

- Heather



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