10-29-2021 Thank You (and the MetaVerse)

Happy Friday!

Did you see that Facebook is going to be changing its platform to a “Metaverse”(a virtual-reality space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment)?

They are even changing their name from “Facebook” to “Meta”.

It’s true. 

Here is the deal. In our lifetime our world will not look like it has ever looked. Our kids, grandkids are going to be interacting with technology in a way that we are seeing in movies.

 We have two options as leaders and creators. 

  1. Be scared and hide (Maybe we could do that a little lol)
  2. Or plant our feet and figure out how we can help these digital advancements ELEVATE humanity and preserve things that we know matter to the human experience (empathy, kindness, etc)

Whoa...heavy right? Overwhelming right?

I dunno. I actually want to encourage you with this. It may not seem like the “small” things you do online matter. But they do.

  • Every time you choose to post something educational, hopeful…
  • Every time you decide to encourage a stranger you see in a video…
  • Every time you decide to bring a little more humanity to the online space…

You are leading. You are setting an atmosphere. And you are making a difference.

If you haven’t been told in a while “thank you” for your online work...I want you to know I see you and you being here online...matters.


 In your corner (for real, for real)



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