11-12-21 Your Opportunity


Happy Friday!

I'm sure at this point you heard about the tragic event where there were kids in Houston who were trampled to death at a concert several days back. They were at an event, the crowd went out of control, and they were literally trampled. The rapper has several lawsuits against him.

Since then, there have been tons of videos of other concerts where the artist actually stops the song and tells the audience to regain control and not hurt one another.

Here is an example: (Please Watch and come back)


Kinda heavy for a Friday, I know.

But here is the point, family. I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago in my note to you and I want to highlight it again….


As the online space is changing, growing, and expanding….we need you.


We need you to show up with your message, unapologetically stand in your truth, and hold space for each other when you see things getting out of control.

The currency for “impact” is often defined by followers and insignificant metrics. But know that you stopping the show for the one, and “picking each other up” is the ...name...of ...the...game.

 If you wonder if your work matters. It does.

If you wonder if the small things matter, they do.


Buckle in y’all- 2022 ain’t ready for us.

In your corner,



PS. Latest episode (9 minutes): Season of Drought, Overwhelm, and Building Your Muscles (Fidget Friday

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