Building Community on TikTok | Austin Armstrong

content creation tiktok Jun 27, 2022
Building Community on TikTok | Austin Armstrong

"I'm building a community around trust." 

Can you build COMMUNITY on TikTok? Yes, it is a “Web2” platform BUT these are the platforms many of us are still using to reach people, connect and build communities. I have been curious though, can you really build a community (not an audience) on THIS platform?

Our guest this week, Austin Armstrong is an SEO and social media marketing NINJA specializing in, you guessed it, TikTok. He says, “Abso-LUTELY” you can build a community on TikTok and he shares with us exactly how.

Oh, and for those of you who think TikTok is just about dancing, Austin has built a million dollar business from TikTok, not busting ONE move. Got your curiosity?

Building community is about understanding those you want to serve, giving to them, and over TIME you build trust. Doesn't matter the platform- humans are humans, and trust is the game.


  • Using livestreams & video responses to build community
  • Pocket communities on TikTok
  • Building confidence being on video
  • Business opportunities on TikTok


Austin is a TikTok marketing expert that practices what he preaches! This platform has changed his life and tripled his business. He says that TikTok is an amazing opportunity for you to leap-frog your competitors and be THE expert in your industry in the fastest growing social media platform ever.





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