Zac was right (how to promote communities)

fidget friday newletter Jul 14, 2022
Fidget Friday

I wasn’t ready for this truth bomb.

Tuesday, we had a community zoom call and the topic was “Promoting your Community”. Before the call I decided to hit social media with this simple question…

Fill in the blank:

“Before promoting a community you should__________.”

‘Ole Zac on Twitter replied, “...Build a community”

Before promoting a community you should…build a community? When I read that I thought, “Well Zac didn’t read my question right…”

But I was wrong. Zac you nailed it.

Before we promote anything, we have to build it.

Please, Hear me out..

Promoting a community that isn’t really there is a massive disservice not only to the people you are promoting to…but also to yourself. Cause guess what?

People might “join” your Discord or Facebook group but if there is nothing to keep them there, all your promotional efforts were in vain.

I know this is a super simple thought, but some of the most basic ideas are the most profound. HAVE YOU BUILT A COMMUNITY WORTH COMIN’ HOME TO?

  • Do you have relationships with the people in your community?
  • Do they have relationships with eachother?
  • Is there regular engagement?
  • Do people feel like they have a voice?
  • Are you on a mission of some sort together and/or is there a shared purpose?

The answer to the above questions is probably on a continuum somewhere but before we run to promotion, let’s tend to what we have.

Maybe (just maybe) the BEST promotion you can do for your community is make the one you have right now better.

Celebrate the members you do have (even if it's just a few). 

Figure out how you can serve them better and better every week and guess what?

They will build your community for you.

We have a lot of Web2 marketing conditioning to unlearn. Not all of it is “bad” but a lot of it doesn’t work when you think about community building.

Less promotion…more building something worth talking about.

Love ya much, keep rollin’, what you are building matters.



PS. nothin’ to promote this week. Just want to say thanks for reading these. Our open rates have doubled since talking about community. I think we are onto something here and its cool to be able to have these types of conversations. Because community isn’t just about marketing…its about changing people’s lives.

See yall next week.

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