Dealing with Indecision: None of it Matters

fidget friday newletter Sep 22, 2022
Fidget Friday

Not as much as we think it does anyway.

I’m not being dramatic or emo I promise. Most of the decisions we fret over shouldn’t carry as much weight as we give them. Stalling to “pick” something is just a subconscious way of dealing with our fear.


Whether it’s a lack of confidence (watch our INCREDIBLE episode about that) Or not wanting to take the step that comes after that decision… as creatives we get really good at waiting.  

Just pick.

Pick the color for your website.

Pick the name of your podcast.

Decide where you want to volunteer.

Pick the name of your firstborn child.

Okay…that last one definitely needs some thought.

Most things are changeable (see what I did there Marie Forleo?). Pick something today and take the brave next step in your work.

Love y’all,

PS. Y’all know I write to myself here…right? Okay, good.