Deep Roots

community building Jul 28, 2022

If you are impatient like I am, this episode is for you. If you feel like building your community is taking longer than it should…this is for you. If you need a little encouragement to not THROW IN THE FREAKIN’ TOWEL…you guessed it, this episode is for YOU.

I am impatient. I will be the first to admit it.

I choose to see my impatience as a strength because I’m a just a…. “Go-getter.”

RIGHT?  *cough cough*
That’s at least what I tell myself. But the truth is…

I am robbing myself of something HUGE that could make or break my community by being impatient. Someone pointed it out to me here (please listen!) you wanna know what it is…?

Ready? Okay...
Picture a tree.

Okay, listen, I know you are busy but hang in with me for a sec and picture a big stinkin’ tree. Okay?


Not one of those flimsy ones from Charlie Brown, or the one dying in the corner of your office (is that just me? Moving on…) but a massive, strong….TREE.

One you would want to be hangin’ onto when a tornado comes.
That tree.

Maybe like this one…

Okay…what makes that tree massive, strong, and powerful? What would cause YOU to trust it with your life?

Not the limbs…not the trunk….

The roots.

Deep, unseen years of developing….roots.

Building big communities..
Building strong communities…
Building something that impacts tons and tons of lives
…requires deep, boring, long roots.

Now that's not sexy. The trunk, limbs, and leaves are what everyone sees, that is the “face value” of the tree…but the real power, sustainability, is in that sucker's roots.

Me being impatient (I told you that I was), means I like run to building a huge structure on the outside that appears massive, I wanna throw leaves and flowers on it to make it look visually appealing…

But a real community builder focuses on deep, strong roots. The unseen sustainability of communities, the late night hours, the solid processes, the deep relationships, the…TIME.

No one wants to talk about that.

So back to this idea of patience. It's not easy. Sometimes you feel unseen because you are focused on the unsexy work when everyone else is out decorating their tree.

But if you focus on the roots, you are the community people will be running to when that tornado comes. Do the deep work.

Love yall. See you next week.


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“If you want the fruit to come from the tree that tree needs to have deep roots.” -Shayna Bryan @HeatherParady #CommunityBuilding CLICK TO TWEET


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