Build Business WITHOUT the Hustle | Graham Cochrane

brand building community building Aug 25, 2022
Build Business WITHOUT the Hustle | Graham Cochrane


"Business is not meant to be the thing you sacrifice everything for."

Do you have to be online ALL the time to build community? Do we have to sacrifice several years of relationships and health in order to reach the level of success that we want to see? Is that simply the trade-off that we have to expect?

This is a VERY relevant topic for me and several people that I know. We know we feel “called” to do certain work but it feels as though that requires us to work ALL of the time and “hustle” in order to see results. Our guest this week has a very counter-cultural and powerful viewpoint on how we can succeed in our businesses WITHOUT neglecting things that we value.

This isn’t just his opinion either, Graham Cochrane has built two very successful businesses, The Recording Revolution, and his personal business, ALL while taking time off, working a set amount of hours a week, and making his family a priority. In this episode, he shares exactly how he did it.

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  • Social media addiction and how that’s affecting our businesses.

  • How to set boundaries in your work even when you aren’t at the level of success that you want to be.

  • How to use Parkinson’s law to get more done.


Graham Cochrane is an entrepreneur from Tampa, Florida. He is the founder of The Recording Revolution, one of the world’s largest and most loved online resources for audio recording and music production. He is also a business coach, and recent author of a brand-new book, How to Get Paid for What You Know (BenBella Books, 2022).



“You might be successful, but at what cost?” @theGCochrane @HeatherParady #CommunityBuilding #CreatorCommunity CLICK TO TWEET

“Business is not meant to be the thing you sacrifice everything for.” @theGCochrane @HeatherParady #CommunityBuilding #CreatorCommunity CLICK TO TWEET

“Hustle is workaholism in disguise.” @theGCochrane @HeatherParady #CommunityBuilding #CreatorCommunity CLICK TO TWEET


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