OVERCOMING CONFLICT (in a Community) | Hesha Abrams

community building Jul 31, 2022
OVERCOMING CONFLICT (in a Community) | Hesha Abrams

Who LOVES conflict? NOT ME. But here is the deal friends, if you are leading a community you have signed yourself UP for some conflict resolution. Sound fun? It's not. But it doesn’t have to be crazy difficult. There are some tools than we can learn as builders that will help us.

Our guest this week has “worked in the trenches of human conflict” as an internationally renowned attorney mediator Hesha Abrams is no stranger to INSENSE conflict and has become a master and defusing anger.

What about in COMMUNITIES though? What happens when “all hell breaks loose”? Today Hesha drops some powerful tips for us to use when conflict arises and we have to stay level-headed and ask the right questions to get everyone on the same page.

Conflict isn't; fun buts it's inevitable. Hesha has a GIFT for seeing through the BS, getting to the heart of the matter, and bringing everyone on the same page. Pull up a chair, lean in, and lean how to “hold the calm” even in digital communities.



  • When there is conflict in your group- what do you do?

  • Healthy ways to “grab back power” and stay “neutral” in conflict

  • Dealing with conflict specifically ONLINE (when you can't see nonverbals/tone of voice)

  • Using great questions to resolve conflict


With over 30 years of resolving conflict and difficult problems, Hesha comes to the table as a world-renowned mediator, negotiator, and author. As an expert in dealing with conflict by implementing pragmatic solutions, Hesha’s innovative approach and thought-provoking solutions obtain favorable outcomes for even the most complex conflicts.

Hesha's popular new book, Holding The Calm, shares her secrets of how to read a situation to solve problems, eliminate conflict, and restore harmony. Through inspiring stories, learn these secrets to resolve conflict and defuse tension.



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