This is Weird but I am Going to Say It.

fidget friday newletter Sep 08, 2022

One of the best decisions that I have ever made is taking acting classes. No, really, it has taught me a TON about business, my other creative pursuits, and who I am as a human…

I interviewed Drew Talbert, a comedian who has accumulated a community of over 2 million, and he said (listen to it's incrediblethat the more we seek out to be creative, the more it FLOWS to us..

Isn’t that wild?

We wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, (getting the vibe here?) for “inspiration”, for creative ideas, when it is there ALL ALONG. It is simply waiting on us to be faithful with the small nudge, before it can trust us with the big ideas.

(Any deconstruction folks remember that verse? Anyway…)

I hope you make something this weekend. Not something that will get a ton of likes or attention, but make something for you. Make something to honor that creative spark

Cheerin’ you on.


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