Subconscious Beliefs & Changing our Habits | Ian Inguanez

interviews spiritual Oct 26, 2021

We have a choice. Who we are today and who we are tomorrow. "

Today we are digging into the subconscious beliefs that are shaping our behavior and learning how we can create better routines and habits to support the type of person we want to become.  Connect with Ian:



  • Subconscious beliefs that are affecting our behaviors (and how to move past them)
  • How to use curiosity to correct unhealthy habits
  • Tapping into the power of choice and making change LESS DIFFICULT



We have a choice. Who we are today and who we are tomorrow. @IanInguanez @HeatherParady #UnconventionalLeaders CLICK TO TWEET

If we have enough patience and give ourselves enough time we can adapt and evolve to anything. @IanInguanez @HeatherParady #UnconventionalLeaders CLICK TO TWEET

Curiosity is everything. But judgment is what we love to do. @IanInguanez @HeatherParady #UnconventionalLeaders CLICK TO TWEET

Someone only bothers you if there is an attachment there. @IanInguanez @HeatherParady #UnconventionalLeaders CLICK TO TWEET



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