Build a BIG Brand for a SMALL Business | Jeremy Slagle

“Brands often want to be all things to all people- Your best success is going to be to create something that is your own path.”

How do you stand out in a SEA full of people who are doing what you are doing? Jeremy Slagle says it starts with STORY. So before you start making a logo and deciding what your branding colors are going to be, you need to go to the farmer’s market, pull out a notebook and ask some deep questions. Say what? Yup. Today you are going to learn a few practices that will help your small business have a bangin’ brand.




  • Before you make your logo-- DO THIS!
  • Incorporating YOUR STORY while still making our client/audience the focus
  • Best way to get AUTHENTIC feedback from your target audience (and what questions to ask!)
  • What are things you can do to separate your brand from the “next guy”





Jeremy is an award-winning Graphic Designer with over twenty-five years of experience, and all-around creative wonder kid, and Kickstarter aficionado, Jeremy is the Principal of Slagle Design and has been the main speaker at dozens of creative educational workshops.

Jeremy's success as a design entrepreneur has led to him turning his knowledge into tangible guidance and advice on how to turn a side-hustle into a dream job. Jeremy has made numerous speaking appearances designed to help both those looking for designers and those wanting to be designers to understand the importance of synergy, branding, identity and planning.



You don’t need a crazy interesting story- what you need is to explain what motivates you to be different from your competition. @JeremySlagle @HeatherParady #UnconventionalLeaders #BrandingTips CLICK TO TWEET

You are always going to get biased feedback when you put the question in front of biased people. @JeremySlagle @HeatherParady #UnconventionalLeaders #BrandingTips CLICK TO TWEET

Your style is a result of your travels, where your heart is, and where your treasure [email protected] @HeatherParady #UnconventionalLeaders #BrandingTips CLICK TO TWEET

Brands often want to be all things to all people-Your best success is going to be to create something that is your own path. @JeremySlagle @HeatherParady #UnconventionalLeaders #BrandingTips CLICK TO TWEET

Your brand should be YOUR voice. @JeremySlagle @HeatherParady #UnconventionalLeaders #BrandingTips CLICK TO TWEET


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