Reels, Disrupting Systems, And How To Get More Dates w/ Kate Buck Jr.

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Reels, Disrupting Systems, And How To Get More Dates w/ Kate Buck Jr.


“You have to learn the rules before you can break them.”

Sometimes ya gotta learn the rules in order to disrupt them. Right now the “rules” on social media is that creators have to lean into short-form videos and reels in order to get noticed and build their brand. Is there no other way?

In today’s conversation, you will hear from Kate Buck Jr., the Founder and CEO of Social Media Pro, who has trained more than 35k people on social media marketing… and guess what? 

She believes there is something deeper going on with us as a society, and we need to think about the bigger picture when establishing our marketing plan. The insights she shares will help your social media game, land you more romantic dates, and make you rethink calling yourself a banana.


  • Why you need to learn the rules before you disrupt them
  • How to land more dates using marketing tactics
  • Reels, the future of social, and how it is affecting us spirituality
  • Do we HAVE to be entertaining to “make it” on social media?
  • Reconciling our spiritual word with social media



Kate Buck Jr. got her start on Twitter in 2008. She quite naturally began answering questions on Twitter and sharing tips and tricks. Suddenly, she discovered she’d built a reputation as a social media expert by accident.

Fast-forward six months and Kate had so many clients banging down her door she was hiring her friends to help. In 18 months, she was earning 10k monthly–more than double her previous income.

In 2010, she launched her first online course–now known as Social Media Manager Pro. Her students have gone on to start their own agencies, become Influencers, and work at major brands like Facebook/Meta.

Today, Kate has trained over 35,000 social media managers, built an in-demand agency, consulted with top brands, and spoken on stages worldwide, including SXSW and Traffic & Conversion Summit.



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