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How to Build a FB Community (Danno Hanfling)

leadership Feb 27, 2023
How to Build a FB Community (Danno Hanfling)

"You cannot have an online community without a mission."

Our guest this week, Danno Hanfling started off as a street promoter for a nightclub, and was so good at it that they made him the marketing director, but then he decided to branch off on his own and build a digital community.

Grub ‘n Chill is what he describes as a living, breathing ‘ecosystem’ in which he is able to give his supporters a voice, and facilitate conversations that help the group naturally grow. 

On a personal note, Danno is just one of the nicest dudes you could possibly meet. I have seen him rapidly grow this group and let me assure you, as much as people love him and want to just join this group because- who doesn’t like food and Danno….? He is BRILLIANT  at building community.

Whether you like Facebook or not, whether you are looking to build a “Web 3” community instead of an ‘ole fashioned “Web2” community- the tips and insight Danno gives us in this conversation will absolutely equip you with tools that will help you not only grow your communities but (most importantly) take better care of them.


  • How to give voice to your community members and “help them shine”

  • How he used “leverage” and “praise” to build his community

  • Letting go of EGO and getting your mind off numbers

  • How to foster ENGAGEMENT when you are just starting off.

  • How to take time OFF while still taking care of your community. 


Danno is the CEO of the community, Grub n Chill, which aims to provide the most value to our community of foodies. 



We don't have 85 thousand members we have 85 thousand supporters. @DannoHanfling  @HeatherParady #Web3 #CommunityBuilding CLICK TO TWEET

You cannot have an online community without a mission. @DannoHanfling  @HeatherParady #Web3 #CommunityBuilding CLICK TO TWEET

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