Communicate Better Without Fear | Linda Raynier

“If you doubt yourself, people will doubt you.”

Today we are revisiting an episode with Linda Raynier who is a wildly successful YouTuber teaching career strategy and communication skills to ambitious professionals.

I wanted to uproot this conversation from a couple of years ago because the principles Linda shares are GOLD to us as creatives because we have to sharpen the skill set of communication and owning our space in every room we walk into. Ready to break free from intimidation and OWN your gifts?


Connect with Linda:




  • How do we get comfortable with who we are when surrounded by people who intimidate us?
  • How do we start mastering our physical presence in addition to the words we say?
  • What advice do you have for people who have invested in one career and now want to pursue something different without it all being a waste?



  • Communicating in a way that allows your strengths and talents to shine
  • Self-awareness and how to focus on the person in front of you
  • Storytelling and keeping a list of good stories to share


“If you can figure out how to communicate effectively to others, people will pay attention. It will get you results.” @LindaRaynier  #UnconventionalLeaders #CommunicationSkills #SpeakBetter CLICK TO TWEET

“If you doubt yourself, people will doubt you.” @LindaRaynier  #UnconventionalLeaders #CommunicationSkills #SpeakBetter CLICK TO TWEET

“If you struggle with communication, it’s because of the way you see yourself.” @LindaRaynier #UnconventionalLeaders #CommunicationSkills #SpeakBetter CLICK TO TWEET


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