Managing ENERGY & Being More EFFICIENT at "Networking"

“Be solid in who you are and play the long game.”

If your goal is to connect with more people in order to grow your business- this episode is FOR YOU. We want to get our work out into the world,  so “who you know” is super important (we cannot grow alone) however HOW you show up is just as important. Imagine being in front of the people you want to lock arms with but you are not in the right energetic state.

Today we are with Gregg Clunis from Tiny Leaps Big Changes and Rich Cardona from Leadership Locker to get into the mindset of two super high-achieving people (who have personally really helped me level up) to discover their thought processes in networking and how they are able to “full show up” and make the most out of each interaction.



  • Energy management and intentional networking
  • Weaving habits and routines into the “conference life”
  • Meeting people in the “right” way and playing the long game



Leadership Locker:

Tiny Leaps Big Changes:

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