Pay(ing) Attention

fidget friday newletter Aug 25, 2022

I wrote on my white board just a moment ago “more creative projects”. Hang in with me for a sec.

I immediately crossed it out and wrote, “approach current projects more creatively”.

Often we dont need “more” to do (amen?). My mindset has to be readjusted often that what I am looking for isnt’ usually far off…I just need to pay more attention to what is already present and get a little more curious.

Speaking of attention….this reel wrecked my world y’all (okay I’m being dramatic). But seriously, take 60 seconds and watch what Joseph Gordon-Levitt shared about happiness and “paying attention”. 

Ps. he has come a long way since 10 Things I Hate about You, right!?

Have fun this weekend.

Make something cool, just for fun, if you can.



Ps. I'm practicing what I preach this week. We are reducing the show from 3 episodes a week to 2 (Why? So I can make those two better/be more creative with them). We also cut out the free coffee chat on Tuesdays, (why? Using that energy to make our other groups way better too.)


What can you make space for this next week?

Creativity needs space to shake her booty.