(Re)adjust: No Room to Think.

fidget friday newletter Sep 01, 2022

Howdy, One quick thought and a couple of goodies for you in the PS(s). I have been hearing from serval people in our community (and I have felt it myself too) that they are experiencing this soft wave of… 


Lack of clarity. Maybe unsettledness. If you have been feeling that too, here is something to consider. 

A lack of clarity is often an invitation to declutter life a bit, quit something, and make space. The “answers” we are looking for are already within, but confusion or lack of clarity can just be a sign that there is no real room to think.

Yesterday I closed our Discord, last week I stopped our free Tuesday calls. All of those things were great, but I need space to create, to think, to become that next version of Heather. 

What about you? Is there something you can let go of that will give you more space to MAKE want you want to make next? 

Just a thought. Cheerin’ you on.

(And for those celebrating…have a safe Memorial Day)


PS. Got a discount for you. If you are curious about (or inlove with) NFTs my friend Mark and his team are putting together and incredible event. Seattle's FIRST NFT conference. Tom Bilyeu is keynoting…just saying. You can get 15% off your ticket using this link just for us <3 

PPS.  I got a free pass for you. I was a guest speaker at a summit called “Now I Know My Nfts: A Not-So-Scary Guide To Web3 For Creatives”.  It is literally covering the ABCS of web3 to help you digest this new space in a calm and welcoming manner. I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend. You can register using this link here.