How to be Funnier | Rory Gardiner

community building content creation creativity Sep 05, 2022

"If you want to create art around need to have a life."

How can I be funnier? That's what I asked my friend, comedian, and musician Rory Gardiner. But it's  not just about being funnier, it's about acknowledging the craft of our creative work, making space to sharpen our tools, and having reverence for THE practice.

Because yeah, we love our creative work, but if we want to make a living at it, if we want to build communities around it, get eyeballs on our movies, scripts, art, whatever, we have to work at it.

Rory was one of the first people who popped in my head when I asked myself how I could start taking comedy a little more seriously with my own content creation. We originally met on Tiktok, spoke at a conference together, and "get each other" in the sense that we have our "work work" and our art. He calls it being "a balanced artist", I call it being crazy. 

Either way I hope you enjoy this conversation as Rory teaches me how to be funnier, we talk about rejection, being more confident, and a fun practice Rory uses to get creative ideas. You will leave this conversation a little funnier;).


  • Identifying your point of view and dealing with rejection
  • Mind Mapping to find creative ideas
  • Testing your work and delivering with confidence



2018 CCMA nominated artist Rory Gardiner has appeared on multiple CMT(Country Music Television) nationally broadcasted reality shows, a/nd shared the stage with a number of great country acts like Keith Urban.

Fusing his music background with stand up comedy, he has made a number of television appearances for brands like Under Armor, or shows like The Handmaids Tale. Over 50 Million views on TikTok, his comedy sketches have been featured on Funny or Die, Americans Funniest Videos, and you can catch his hilarious 2019 TEDx Talk, on using humor as a coping mechanism.



If you want to create art around need to have a life. @Rorygardiner @HeatherParady #HowToBeFunny #CreatorCommunity CLICK TO TWEET

People in the audience genuinely want you to succeed. They don't want to see you bomb. @Rorygardiner @HeatherParady #HowToBeFunny  #CommunityBuilding #CreatorCommunity CLICK TO TWEET


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