This is Inconvenient

fidget friday newletter Nov 04, 2022
Fidget Friday

I wrote this on my mirror in my office on Monday. Had no idea I misspelled the word until I went to type this message to you. Oops. It’s supposed to say…


I wrote this word on my mirror because the day before I had made a big ‘ole list of things I needed to do “next” to move the needle with my personal goals. As you know I've been shifting a bunch of stuff to make space to create something new in my life.
That’s all super exciting right?

But here is the deal, it's not.

👉 Talking about getting in shape sounds sexy, but it's the most boring thing you can do.
👉 Booking more gigs for your music and comedy sounds successful but the reality is, its a lot of emails, phone calls, and dealing with technical details (like who is going to pick up the kids that day from school)
👉 Writing your book or selling your course sounds fancy but in the process of creating it's like the OPPOSITE of a hit of dopamine.

Moving the needle is super inconvenient.
It's not big changes, it's a ton of inconvenient and boring ones.

That’s why we don’t do them.

For me, I have to talk to way more people than I currently am, ask for opportunities and make space to write more. Both of those are boring and honestly incredibly inconvenient with everything I have going on. Can you relate?

But that’s what I have to do if I'm serious about what I say I want to do. What about you?

Two asks this week 
1. Answer my "what about you?" question by hitting reply.
2. If you are a creative business owner/freelancer or aspiring performer please please please please (see the desperation here?) message me and tell me what content I can focus on in 2023. I will literally make my content calendar around you. Because you are my people.

Love ya, have a great weekend.


PS. Know a creative who needs some encouragement in their pursuits? Send them this link to sign up for these. Thanks friend.