How to Make Selling More Interesting & Fun | Tom Stern


“People want to be awakened. And if they don’t move on and let them go to sleep”

Afraid of selling? Don’t be ashamed! You can be honest around here. What if you looked at it as performance art though? What if you could see selling like it was a game and something you could have fun with? Today’s guest Tom Stern says there are a few tools that will not only help you sell...but help you have fun doing it.

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  • Viewing sales as performance art (and how to make it fun!)
  • What is at the root of our anxiety around selling?
  • Reframing “what is at stake” when we sell




Tom Stern is a successful executive recruiter who works with many national and international companies, including Accenture, Bain & Company, Coca-Cola, Sony Pictures, Sutherland Global Services, NBC Universal Studios, and many more.

In addition to running Stern Executive Search, Tom also created the syndicated comic strip “CEO Dad,” the successful syndicated national radio talk-show host of Opportunity Knocks, and was a frequent contributing humorist to NPR’s Marketplace. He was formerly a writer/ producer for HBO and president of a division of Spotlight Enterprises, whose clients included Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, and Bill Maher. He was also part of the writing team that won an Oscar for Best Animated Short, The Moon, and the Sun.



People want to be awakened. And if they don’t move on and let them go to sleep.- Tom Stern @HeatherParady #UnconventionalLeaders #SalesTips #SmallBusiness CLICK TO TWEET


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