UNSEXY TRUTH behind the photos

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UNSEXY TRUTH behind the photos

Howdy. Remember a couple of weeks ago I talked about doing what was “inconvenient”? Well, let me share with you a few case studies. 

I don’t just write these just for fun. I know your time is valuable and it means a lot to me that you click open every week. I would love to turn this into more of a tactical/open diary between me and you so you can not get just some fluffy you can do it” message every week (I mean, I'll probably always add that in) but also I would love to provide things I'm learning that you can apply. Maybe to save you some headache;) 

Here are a few notable events from this week. I almost hesitated to include the images because although they are cool- they aren’t the full picture.

So I'm trying this– sharing the “behind the picture” moments…and some tactical takeaways that I hope help you in what you are making.

So here we go. Things are about to get vulnerable up in here.

Film festival: I attended a showing of the film I was in last year, Hunting Souls, and saw some of the cast and crew (pictured here).

The stuff behind the pic: It was about a three-hour drive from home. But I've been trying to be more intentional with networking, supporting people I believe in, and getting out of my comfort zone.

What I learned/took away: I was in a rush to get home. I left shortly after the movie only to realize last that there was an award ceremony after and our director won the best filmmaker. Why was I in a rush to leave? I've noticed that about myself. I rush through things and need to slow down. It's okay sometimes to get home late, my fam was doing their own thing and I could have stayed. Why make an effort to be there and not be intentional with being fully PRESENT? Relationships matter.


Tired of reading? It’s okay I get it. Listen to the audio version here:


Story Slam: I went to a storytelling competition this week and got up in front of 200 people and shared a personal story. Came in 2nd.

The stuff behind the pic: I didn’t really have a well-crafted story. I was shaky at the end and didn't really put a lot of time into prepping. The moment you are standing up there is the moment you wish you would have prepped more lol.

What I learned/took away: at the beginning, I took a deep breath and was quiet for a minute. It might have looked strange I have no idea but that helped me a TON settle in and get comfortable. As far as the actual content–I pretty much wrote half the story on the way to the event. Now, I got second which was good…but  I want to be GREAT at what I do. Again, I notice I rush through things too fast. In order to get to first place level I need to spend TIME on writing/practicing. Yeah, I can throw something together and get some results, but to be a professional- my work deserves attention.


In-person interview: Met this guy in LA last year. He moved to Atlanta and we organized an in-person interview.

The stuff behind the pic: Rented a studio–Audio was great but one of my cameras stopped recording and my go-pro (yeah I'm fancy) didn't take anything. So I'm left with only half a video

What I learned/took away: Double-check your equipment. No for real, double check it! 

Also, I don't regret doing this messy because I did it. I LOVE in-person interviews–we talked for an hour. Back to the time thing…it was worth investing time in this.


Back to the inconvenient thing. All people see in these pics is smiling and “wins”. Which is fair- a lot of these experiences were awesome. But there was also a lot of driving, a lot of messed up equipment, a lot of nerves on stage…a lot of unpretty.

AND THAT’S OKAY. I learned this week to take my time, don’t rush, be better prepared, and freakin’ show up.

Why? (Wait for it….) because YOU CANT DO IT!

Sorry, I had to;)



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