So What the Hell are you Doing Exactly?

fidget friday newletter Nov 11, 2022
Fidget Friday

Someone wrote me this last week and it’s a fair question.

Okay, they were way nicer than that-- BUT it was the gist of the email. [If you want to hear the email…I read it here].

Have you ever felt your own self-induced whiplash because you changed your mind, or maybe something didn’t work out the way you thought, or despite feeling crazy you decided to change directions?

Yeah me too.

By the way, despite what it feels, it doesn't mean you aren’t consistent– it might mean you are better informed and making a new decision based on new information. Ever thought about that?

Sometimes we don't give ourselves permission to pivot, change, or adjust, because we are either:

A) are attached to suffering (hello religion)
B) feel embarrassed to shift in front of people…Or even worse
C) don't know what to change, so we just stay stuck

(Early PS here)…I've done all of these letters and more so no judgment.

I have some super vulnerable things to share about this in today's episode that I hope will not only clear up what my vision is now for the show but also set YOU free to change vehicles…if the one you are riding in…doesn’t feel right.

Love you.