Will Smith Works Hard

fidget friday newletter Sep 15, 2022

Howdy, If I told you hard work wasn’t the answer would you be offended? Hear me out.

I am working on a project with a friend studying the life of Will Smith and there is one thing that really stood out to me.

The dude works really hard.

If you watch any of his motivational videos that's what he will preach day and night. And it worked. I believe him. So why did I make the statement above?

Because I (and I would bet you too) have gotten in a cycle of “working really hard” but not stopping OFTEN to make sure the things we are working really hard on are things that actually MOVE THE NEEDLE.

Stayin’ busy but not seeing the results. Been there? 

I've been quitting a lot of things lately. Good things. Things that are fun, but I'm trying to learn this lesson myself. I will always work hard (I like it) but if I want to see results, I need to make sure those are the right things. Will Smith didn't JUST work hard, he was strategic about what he chose to work ON. 

What about you? Do you KNOW your actions are moving you towards your desired outcome?

We are creators afterall;)

Cheerin’ you on.


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"This workshop was beyond helpful! Not only did it help me think about creating an online community that I am building - it also helped me to think about ALL of my services and how I can create processes to do this more thoughtfully and engage my clients on a deeper level. I know this small investment of time and money will have massive return for my business and impact my clients in so many new, simple, and powerful ways!

PPS. Shout out to our friend Amelia who is launching her Wellness games in Web3. Info here: